It’s Official, My 8800GT is Dead

Earlier today, my ancient antique of a graphics card died on me. I bought it the same time I bought my PC. It’s coming to about four years now.

I remember my first ever game I played on this baby.  It was The Witcher. I was running Vista 32-bit at that time, long before SP1 was actually released so the game was crashing like there’s no tomorrow. I eventually switched back to XP after awhile (about 3 months after using Vista) as I was using 3DS Max at that time and the current version then didn’t actually have Vista support. Maybe it did but I can bet you it was as horrible as my Vista gaming experience. I never had problems with The Witcher after reverting to XP. One reason why I still use XP as my main OS.

I eventually got bored with the random hangs and crashes and installed Gears of War for the PC. It was my FIRST DX10 game. It looked awesome. Still does. I stopped at the final fight with RAAM just because my stupid retarded AI partner, Dom got stuck in one of the props and kept dying on the spot. My checkpoint kinda got glitched there as well so that’s it for my Gears experience. Until Gears 2 came out that is.

I then kinda moved on to Crysis, my second DX10 game. Crysis was supposedly the “killer” game back then. If your machine could handle Crysis in all of it’s ULTRA HIGH glory, it could practically handle EVERYTHING. I was easily getting a 20-30fps on Crysis. Not too bad I’d say. After I reverted back to XP, I tried the playing the game in DX9. I didn’t look any different or maybe I’m just blind. But one thing I did notice was that my average bloody fps dropped to about 15-20. Like seriously? C’mon! I never touched Crysis every again.

I actually The Orange Box sitting around my PC long before I actually bought my new PC. I didn’t have an internet connection at that time. By the time I actually have a proper internet connection, I was back on XP. Not that it mattered much since Valve never did have DX10 support for any of their games. But those were the days when I could be playing Team Fortress 2 with an average FPS of about 70-100 or maybe more in certain areas. The last I played was just after the 2010 Halloween Update. Y’know Viaduct? I was getting less than 10 FPS while I was attacking the center. Full game, 12v12. Maybe if there’s a few stragglers I’d get about 15 odd. Still, I call bullshit.

My 4 years worth of gaming experience and memories with my 8800GT was great. From games like Theme Hospital and Diablo II to StarCraft II. I even had the luxury of running StarCraft II on the highest setting that XP users could go.

However, one of my best moments was tweaking Mass Effect 2 (Sorry! I just had to go with that Miranda picture!) with nHancer. Since a majority of Unreal Engine games didn’t have the option of playing around with AA (anti-aliasing), I had to resort to an external tweaker. I started pushing the AA up little by little and starting the game to see the changes. It was subtle but it was noticeable if really squinted at the screen. So in the end I went insane on the settings. Set the AA mode to Combined 32xS with 8x Supersampling. The moment I started the game, I could heard my 8800GT going into overdrive. The fan sounded like my mom’s kitchen blender. Right after the BioWare logo, the main menu intro animation lagged. My PC gave me a BSOD before the animation could complete. Hilarious, yes.

The last game I played on my 8800GT was Portal 2 during the weekends. I was fortunate enough to complete the single player story before my card died. I did manage to experience co-op as well. With PSN down for almost a week now, the PC would be the only platform I’ll be playing this game on.

I have tons more memories to share but I guess that would take me a whole day or maybe a week to finish this. I wouldn’t mind actually but then this post would be absurdly long. You wouldn’t like that now would you?

“Isn’t 8800GT pretty ancient already? It’s a sign for you to get a better card.”
Ng Eng Loon via Facebook

“How come suddenly? Direct it to the dustbin then. Fortunately it’s GFX and not GF.”
Raymond Wong via Blackberry Messenger

“Don’t be sad please. Imoutou-chan shall give you a big hug and pat. Go and eat now please. Stop mourning.”
Kitsurin via Twitter

I guess my nVidia days are over. I’m considering in getting dual HD5770s. CrossFire, yes. And maybe have a little fun with Eyefinity, provided I have enough monitors. May is seriously gonna be a VERY expensive month for me.

It’s about 1am now. I’ll be heading to bed. Good night.

[Pics grabbed of Google Image Search]


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