My First Bon Odori

Today was the match between Liverpool FC against Harimau Malaya. I heard LFC won 6-3. Today was also the 35th Bon Odori celebration here in Malaysia. It was my first.

This was kind of a last minute plan as I was having second thoughts of going or not. This was about a week ago. Three days before today, I was having stomach cramps and I knew something was up. Yesterday I had a mild headache and early signs of a sore-throat. This morning, I woke up with a fever. A mild one but a fever nonetheless. My initial plan was to cancel going to the festival as I seriously felt like shit early this morning. Despite my initial plan, I started my morning with Transformers 3. I finally gotten a ticket. But with this fever, I was freezing in the cinema.

Midway though a 4 player Arkham Horror session.

By the time the afternoon came, I was back home with a bunch of friends for another (failed) session of Arkham Horror. I wouldn’t go into detail about this week’s session but what I can tell you is that we got whooped real bad (mostly due to the combo screw-ups by two very awesome people) and we decided to abandon the game midway. Before we left (it was about 5.30pm anyway), I went to Google Maps for a quick check on directions to the stadium. As this was my first time to both the stadium and the festival, I felt kinda lost. But we found our way there without getting lost once thanks to my awesome navigation skills. Bwahahahaha!

Mai waifu! 😮

It was a sight to behold. Busses lined up the side of the roads and I could see people walking down the street in the brightly colored yukatas. Amongst the crowed, I met two very familiar faces. They were queuing for shaved iced. We had a little chat, snapped a couple of pictures and I left to get my yakisoba. I didn’t have lunch yet, mind you so I was extremely hungry. By the time I was done eating, the girls already went to the field and started dancing. I was still hungry and I decided to queue for takoyaki this time. It reminded me of my experience in Universal Studios Singapore. 1 ride, 1 hour. Same thing here. 1 stall, 1 hour.

Japanese cultural dance!

I finally moved to the field do watch the cultural dances. I know the girls were somewhere dancing but I wasn’t moving. I had an awesome spot near the barricade that separated the area of the stage from the crowd. I went trigger happy with my Blackberry camera. Yes, as you may already know… A good majority of the pictures weren’t as clear as I hoped them to be. Low lighting conditions and mobile phone cameras can never mix together. The crowed behind me started to dance as well and suddenly I felt weird. My friend said, “People are dancing and here you are tweeting!” I looked at him and said, “You schmuck, I’m BBM-ing!”

My BBM session with Jess.

Little kids dancing. So cute!

Yes it felt weird. Like really-really weird. People dancing, young and old. It was really interesting and fun to watch. And the crowd would shout and cheer in rhythm with the music played. The little kids dancing and running around in the yukata were the cutest. I kind of managed to snap a picture of them but it was very blurry. I’ve promised myself to invest in a DSLR by end of this year. I left soon after that as the boys I came with wanted to head home early as they were tired after a whole day out. I SMSed the girls and told them that I was heading home and they asked me to stay and follow them home. “I would if I could, “I told the girls but the people I came with aren’t exactly the best navigators in my circle of friends. I bid the girls goodbye and I left.

Free fans!

Started to upload photos from my phone to Facebook the moment I got home. It kinda sucks doing bulk uploads from your mobile. Moments later, the girls SMSed me saying they were at Ming Tien and asked me if I’d wanna join them. I declined as the entire day out may have just made my fever worse. I think it was all worth it. I will definitely return again next year. Huzzah!

Selene's SMS.

I’ve promised myself to invest in a DSLR camera by the end of this year so I can really go trigger happy at next year’s festival! For my Facebook album (with crappy quality photos, check the link below!

Last but not least, big and special thanks to the Malaysian Japanese Embassy and Tourism Selangor for organizing!

35th Bon Odori by AJ Sia | Facebook Photo Album []


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