Dear Prepaid Users. QQ More. Sincerely Postpaid User.

DISCLAIMER: A fair warning before you continue reading this post. The following are speculation and my own personal views on the situation. May it be true or not, I leave it up to you to decide. I suggest you get that stick out of your arse and leave your narrow mind out the door before proceeding. If you can’t comply, I suggest you GTFO. Thank you very much.

I can bet that many, if not all Malaysians already know about the 6% tax on prepaid users. Well, yes they did put a hold on the decision but you people should have seen this coming.

The government (namely the Najib administration) said they they did not approve of the move to impose the 6% tax. So what are the odds that ALL of the country’s major telco companies announcing the tax on the SAME day and ALL the SAME amount? Listen here lah… Businesses here in Malaysia don’t normally work together-gether (read NORMALLY but they sometimes do and this MIGHT be a rare case of that) and especially if you’re controlling the country’s mobile telecommunication services. Coincidence? Nah, I don’t think so. Let me give you an example here: Remember that Sri Paandi incident about 5~6 years ago? Yeah, there was a court case and everything. Something about who was the original Paandi and they opened side-by-side and all that hoo-haa and stuff. And then there was P1’s “SUDAH POTONG?” campaign against out very own Streamyx (well I think that Streamyx was their main rival at that time). The point here is that when you’re in the same business here in Malaysia, you wouldn’t hold hands. You’re want to go for his throat or his nuts or where it hurts the most.

So, what is this 6%? “Government tax lah! Go see your makan bill you should know already waht! 6% also!” Pandai pun to whomever that told me that. According to news sources, pre-paid customers for DiGi are said to account for 82% of total subscribers, Maxis 75% and Celcom 77%. Our Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Chua Tee Yong said that “DiGi made RM568 mil in the first quarter of 2011, Celcom RM 1.4 billion and Maxis RM 1.09 billion.” So, first quarter of 2011 they made that much money and they were absorbing the tax on mobile pre-paid services and customers. Take note that the 6% government tax was already in effect on January 1st. Question now is why the sudden tax impose when they were earning the bigbux? Need more money? Aiyah, everybody wants more money nowadays. “Haiya, it’s some brainless move by the government,” said a friend of mine (who I shall not name) and to no surprise I would actually believe him. Here’s what my friend (who shall not be named) told me:

“Haiya, it’s some brainless move by the government. It’s ‘government tax’. Then when the public complain, Rais smartass say ‘We didn’t approve it!’. Yeah it’s government tax. If you didn’t approve it then the telcos implement to earn an extra 6%? Bullshit. It’s a government move. And now they delay because GE is looming. After GE they sure will impose waaaaaaan.”

Aha! Bullshit indeed. They were already earning millions (and billions!) so why? Well here’s what I think is going on. As you know on the 9th of July was the Bersih rally right? And then, the people lost all faith and trust in the government (namely the Najib administration) after that. Mostly because of…well go Google. Or let me just link you to Twitter here and here. And there are plenty of videos on the Bersih rally on Youtube as well. Reasons enough for the rakyat to lose faith in the current government. So, with the next general election around the corner, what is the ruling coalition to do? Well, for starters gain votes (6P Program) duh! And maybe try to win back the people’s trust by well…putting the blame on others (in this case them telcos) and swooping in to be the hero of the day. Isn’t that what we do best? Blaming others? I do it, you do it. So why shouldn’t the most corrupted sector in the country (read: GOVERNMENT) do it as well? Yes, politics is dirty. Everyone knows that. ANYWAY, moving on.

So do I think this tax thing is a pre-election gimmick on BE-END’s end? Why, yes of course. I’d be pretty damn surprised if it isn’t actually. Well, a stall is a pretty damn good tactic actually. If my theory is correct, this tax hold will go on until the next general election. I’ll sit here and wait. Your move, BE-END.


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