Waiting Like an Idiot

You plan an event week (maybe months) in advanced. Everything goes smoothly, until that one asshole fucks EVERYTHING up because his/her time management skills are worse than a 5 year-old. Not to mention has a thinking of a 5 year-old as well.

“I’m on the way!” is an excuse that is overly used here in Malaysia. I don’t know about the other parts of the world but I can only guess it is similar (or worse). Time management is one of the important things in our daily lives yet many seems to just bloody ignore it or put it aside like sweeping dust under a rug.

Here’s an example: You plan to go for a movie with friends and you buy tickets for the noon show during the weekends. The plan is to have a little light breakfast or brunch before heading to the cinema. Everyone meets at you place at 10am except for this one little prick who decides to show himself at 11.30am. You still head off for breakfast because the group is hungry from the waiting. You reach the cinema at about a little before 12 and head to the ticket counter. You see a long queue as it is the weekend. In the end, we decided to buy tickets for the 2:30pm show because waiting for our turn has already taken up about 30 minutes.

If that little prick had shown himself early, maybe none of this would have happened. We would have time for a little food and beat the weekend crowd to the ticket counter. If we had known that the little prick would be taking his time, we would have booked the tickets online a few days early. That little prick could have called early and said that he would be late and maybe we can change our plans. There are many solutions to the problem but only if some people (in this case, the little prick) actually has the decency to call and inform the group.

When you know you’re supposed to be somewhere and your friends call you up to ask what’s your status, please don’t fucking say “ON THE WAY” or ignore that phone call. Remember that it’s people’s time your wasting with your childish shenanigans. What’s so damn hard with telling the other person on the line just exactly where you are? Is it so hard so say “still at home, leaving in 5” or “I’m at the traffic light just around the corner”? Will the world blow up if you do that? Well, apparently so or there won’t be so many people using the “on the way” excuse.

Even if you’re getting a lift from someone, at least give a heads up if you suddenly can’t go or you got someone else to give you a lift. A phone call isn’t gonna blow your ass sky-high. Why not put yourselves on the other side of the story for a change. Your friend follows you to work everyday. One day he gets sick and never bothers to tell you. You drive up to his house and wait like an idiot for 10 damn minutes. You decide to call him and he says “oh dude, calling in sick today so not coming to work”. Doesn’t it piss you off? Not only did he spoiled your entire morning but now you could (or already) are late for work. This also applied when you getting back to work after a few days of MC. I’d bloody leave you behind since 1) you didn’t bother to call and tell me you’re coming back to work and 2) I think you’re still on bloody medical leave.

Also, if you’re somehow organizing an event, please have the decency to make sure everything is in order. You call for a gathering and in the end (at the very last minute) you pull out because of personal problems (oh look, birthday to attend). If you very well know you’ve already have something on, why still organize? Why not let another friend organize? Is it that hard to give him/her A CALL? Or if you’re planning to go over to someone’s place, at least HAVE THE FUCKING DECENCY to call up if you can’t make it instead of making your poor friend wait for over 2 hours just to see if your ass is on the FUCKING way.

I may have a flexible timetable but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have plans on my own. I could have been doing something productive in that past 2 hours. Like maybe head out grocery shopping or bring the car for a wash but no, I was stuck sitting my ass at home hoping to greet a fat-arsed bastard that decided to bail and never bothered to call and tell.

Many of us tend to forget that the world doesn’t revolve around ourselves. We think that others must cater to our needs  and that compromise is never an option. Well, you’re wrong. So very wrong. But if you wanna lose friends that way, be my guest. A phone call early is never hard to do. It’s just that if you have the fucking decency AS A FRIEND to do it. I rest my case.

Have a great Sunday.


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