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“North Korean dictator reported dead. Destabilization hears in wake of leader’s death.”

So how many of you remembers THQ’s 2011 video game, Homefront? Developed by Kaos Studios, Homefront’s overall story was actually penned by John Milius, who not only co-wrote Apocalypse Now but, more poignantly, both wrote and directed Red Dawn, another tale of Communists invading the United States.

If you already know (if you don’t, now you do) Kim Jong-il, who has ruled the Communist state of North Korea since 1994, has passed away. Which means 2011 shooter Homefront was only two weeks off making one of the most timely (if accidental) fictional statements in video game history.

In Homefront, a game which takes the death of Kim as the catalyst for a series of North Korean actions which culminate in a Communist conquest of Northern Asia and subsequent occupation of much of the United States, his demise is listed as having taken place in 2012.

In the real world, it’s expected that rule will pass to his third son, Kim Jong-un, otherwise known as “The Brilliant Comrade”, who the BBC speculates is in his late-20s.

In Homefront (the above image is a screenshot from the game), Kim Jong-il is succeeded by…his third son Kim Jong-un, who quickly moves to unify North and South Korea before annexing Japan and South-East Asia. Then invading Hawaii. And then the continental United States.

Below is the timeline from Homefront. It lists out the events that leads to the US invasion.

North Korea’s torpedo sinks a South Korean’s Navy ship, taking the lives of 46 sailors. The United States describes the event as an ‘act of aggression’, and states that they will be in constant consultation with Japan, South Korea and China to determine the response to this act. The White House says that this event cannot go unanswered by the International Communities. (Note: These events did in-fact take place in real-life in 2010)

North Korea has done another atomic test which has concerned many countries of the world about North Korea’s motives. They face yet another UN sanction against the test. Kim Jong-il defends the tests stating that it is a direct response to ‘western aggression’.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il dies due to a sudden stroke. Investigators reveal that the supreme leader’s health had been in decline for quite a few years. His son and appointed replacement, Kim Jong-un, releases a press statement praising the reign of his father, committing his government to a brand new era of peace and openness. On the other hand, South Korea took Kim Jong-il’s death in optimism, hoping that the 60 years of constant war between the neighboring nations is close to an end.

Kim Jong-un becomes a loved and highly respected leader, earning the Nobel Peace Prize for reuniting the Korean Nations.

The United State’s motor industry declares bankruptcy for the second time, claiming that they are not financially able to create the required type of hybrid vehicles.  The White House is informed that a second bailout is highly unlikely, because with rising gasoline prices, economical cars rather than luxury-styled symbolic vehicles are in demand.

Additionally the United States decides to withdraw its forces from former South Korea, claiming that with the reunification of Korea there is no longer a need of heavy US military presence in the region. Critics, however, believe that the US was forced by Unified Korea to make this move.

Oil deficiency is felt all over the world as gasoline prices rise to the dreaded 20 dollars mark in the United States, due to war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile Russia gets Ukraine to sign a mutual interest pact to cut oil supply to Europe. Survivalist literature becomes the most read and best-selling literature in America. Additionally, the People’s Republic of China’s influence on world economy diminishes.

he United States withdraws its military forces from Japan and other Asian countries, stating that it is best to focus on ‘defending’ themselves from any sort of foreign attack. Texas declares partial sovereignty from the United States; instability and bloodshed takes place as refugees from neighboring states attempt to enter Texas.

Due to lack of taxation, martial law is enforced in the United States. Infrastructure crumbles as the North East of America is crippled by blackouts and power outages due to unstable energy grids. Governments all around the world experience a sharp decline in tax revenues as global trade becomes dim.

Japan is occupied completely by the Greater Korean Republic as it surrenders itself. Meetings are held to merge the governments, economies and industries of the two nations to make a vassal state. The Unite Nations, led by the United States greatly condemns the Korean occupation of Japan and express serious concern over the increasing power of Korea in the region, passing a resolution against the act.

Many neighboring nations like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines etc vote against the resolution as they provided the Koreans the necessary materials to enforce the occupation. The Korean Government responds by completely disengaging from the UN and fueling speculation that only the threat of force would bring the country in line.

The United Nations is dissolved, while martial law is still being enforced in the unstable United States.

Canada closes its Northern Borders to Americans. Order seems to be getting restored back in the United States by the US military. Military food and ration becomes dependencies for the American citizens.

The Knoxville Cough desolates the entire United States. Hospitals are overfilled and there is no proper vaccine developed for the viral disease. Emergency broadcasts take place advising against going out for shopping, avoiding contact with strangers, going to hospitals, going for work, basically making the people prisoners in their own homes.

The Greater Korean Republic intervenes in the civil war that has broken out in Nigeria, suggesting that it is a ‘true peacekeeping mission’. North Korea also offers military and general aid to the United States which is flatly rejected by the despite-desperate US Government.

The GKR release a next-generation GPS satellite, claiming that it shall bring a message of global peace and unity to the world. The US has no competing satellite in orbit as it was forced to cancel its GPS system due to internal turmoil and instability.

On January 16th, 2025, the GPS satellite releases a massive EMP burst, causing a complete blackout and completely destabilizing the infrastructure of the United States. From January 18th to the 20th, Korean troops occupy Hawaii and the west coast. Small resistance is offered by the crippled US military but an overwhelming counter-attack is heavily anticipated from the Korean Army, causing a retreat of the army.

The United States is split into two as Korean forces eradicate and occupy the Western side. The Mississippi river is irradiated with radioactive iodine, preventing any connection or communication between the West and East Americas.

Public executions, starvation, mass graves and labor camps are the call of the day as the US Armed Forces are completely scattered and powerless, with the Korean influence increasing. Resistance is offered in small numbers by once normal civilians. Suicide bombings, guerrilla wars and hideouts are all that they have to fight back with.

Stop and think awhile. The developers claim that though the chances of this timeline coming true are slim, the year-by-year events are plausible enough, hence making the storyline of the game itself plausible. But then again, the world ends in 2012 so there’s nothing to fear right?

As tears are shed outside the Communist state over his passing, let’s take this opportunity to take one last look at “The Great Leader” in this wonderful video one kind soul has compiled for us and uploaded it to Youtube.

Video Game Almost Predicted Kim Jong-Il’s Death [Kotaku]
Homefront: Timeline – Events Leading to US Invasion [SegmentNext]


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