Karma, A Bitch

While leaving the office yesterday, I came across this one woman at the automated parking gates. She was walking towards me while wearing two-inches tall heels. The driveway was wide; two cars wide.

I was walking alongside the wall when she decided to be a smart-ass and walked towards me, straight into my path. Her face turned black when she saw me not moving out of her way. The driveway was empty and two cars wide. Couldn’t she just scoot around and keep that stupid looking face to herself? Apparently not.

As she approached me, she eyed me with the most pissed off looking face you can ever see on a woman. I lifted my head to look at her, smirked and stopped. Perhaps she thought I was taunting her. She was fuming by the time she was right in front of me.

Being the gentleman that I am, I moved aside to let her pass. I guess her fat arse was too heavy for her to change direction. She stormed past me, nose high up in the air. Then, miracle struck. She tripped over her heels. Clearly embarrassed, she picked herself up and gave me another glare before disappearing down a corner. I tried my best to not burst out laughing.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…until they wear heels and act like a complete bitch-snob. Best walk towards the subway ever that evening. My afterwork hours couldn’t have been better. Thank you, bitch-snob woman in two-inches tall heels.

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