Be the Light in This Hour of Darkness

Be the Light in This Hour of Darkness

As the election weekend passes, a whole new shitstorm starts to brew. On May 5th, 2013 democracy died as the nation experienced its dirtiest general election yet, marred by “unprecedented” electoral fraud.

However dead it may be, do take note that this (amidst the dirty tricks and all the gerrymandering done by the EC) is the National Front’s (BN) worst ever performance since their big lost in 2008. The BN coalition won only 133 seats in the 222-member parliament, seven short of its tally in 2008 and well below the two-thirds majority it was aiming for. That means that aside all the clusterfuck that’s going on, the People’s Alliance (PR) won 89 seats, up 7 from 2008. But the main point still stands: You should not be able to LOSE the popular vote and still win the elections by such a HUGE parliamentary margin.

But do remember:

That the election also witnessed the opposition (PR) slaughtering several big names and also made significant inroads in BN’s so-called fortresses of Johor and Sabah.

That the voters had also pushed BN component parties MCA, MIC and Gerakan closer to the grave, with all three faring even worse than their 2008 electoral outing.

That Chinese voters had sent a loud and clear reminder to MCA of its irrelevance to the community, and its president Dr. Chua Soi Lek vowed that the party would not take up Cabinet positions.

That the state of Penang and Selangor is still under PR despite BN’s restless attempts in stealing those two states back.

That voters also rejected BN’s Perkasa allies Zulkifli Noordin (infamous for belittling the Hindu religion and for calling the Chinese and Indians illegal immigrants) and Ibrahim Ali (infamous for mooting the torching of bibles with the word Allah) in Shah Alam and Pasir Mas respectively.

That Gerakan was wiped out in Penang and the red-faced state BN chief from Gerakan had tendered his resignation.

So while Najib might have won the election, the BN chairman had lost the moral authority to govern this nation for the next five years.

Remember that we are all Malaysians, no matter race, religion or skin color. We have shown them that we are not blind, that we are not as stupid as the government thinks we are. However, change/reform doesn’t happen overnight. As is it shown to us from the results of GE12 and GE13, change is definitely happening no matter how slow it may be. Those who spew racial remarks only wants to ignite hatred within the community. We are better than this.

My fellow Malaysians mourning the death of democracy in our country, i leave you with the words of Mahatma Gandhi:

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Within the darkness, there will always be a light. A light of hope. Be that light and shine brightly. The world is watching.

Sign this petition and let the world know:
United Nation: Voting Fraud in the Malaysian GE13 calls for world invigilation []


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