Dragon Age: Maleficarum “Rite of Tranquility”

Dragon Age: Maleficarum

The following are excerpts from the journal of Archmage Aleksandr Starkhaven, an apostate and suspected blood mage known to have been hunted by the Chantry between 8:76 Blessed and 8:96 Blessed. Historians believed he died some time during 9:27 Dragon, three years before the start of the Fifth Blight.

“The Rite of Tranquility is claimed to be an act of mercy, if not kindness.”

Those were the words of First Enchanter Evelaine that I was made to believe during my first few years within the Circle. Some saw the Rite of Tranquility as a gift. I see it as a curse.

As the years passed, I witnessed the growing influence of the First Enchanter within the Circle. Many came to respect her leadership. However, many more started to reject her harsh methods of leading the Circle – especially the new apprentices and a handful of mages. Rumors then began circulating about missing apprentices and mages being made Tranquil.

My initial suspicions were that of the First Enchanter as her permission or consent is needed for templars to make a mage Tranquil. As templars were not seen within Circle grounds for months, my suspicion of her were quickly cast aside.

The archmage (then only a lowly mage) continues to write about the First Enchanter’s abuse of power within the coming months. In one of his entries, he states that the Circle of Magi is “no longer an organization for the training of mages but a front for a prison” in which the First Enchanter tries her best to hide from the prying eyes of the Chantry.

I’ve just got word that a fellow mage of mine, Azrael was now branded an apostate for fleeing the Circle. His fate was now either be killed or be made Tranquil upon capture.

There was no mention of this Azrael ever again within the journal. The fate of Azrael was never revealed by Archmage Aleksandr. From what is shown in future entries within the journal, it is believed that the actions Archmage Aleksandr undertook leading up to his departure from the Circle started from this very incident.


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