Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop

Don't Stop, Can't Stop

I don’t always do a write-up about somebody. But over the past few days, I’ve been doing some thinking and I felt that this friend of mine has a share-worthy story to be told.

Coming from the town of Ipoh up north, Loh Chee Khoon (or more familiarly going by the name CK) completed his studies in Multimedia University, Cyberjaya. I’ve known him for about 2 years now as we met while working in the same company. He joined the company about a year or so after me.

His time with the company wasn’t exactly rainbows and butterflies. For starters, we had an abusive project manager with him mostly being her primary target of verbal abuse. From the way I see it, the hardships he experienced served as a foundation for his future journey into running.

Within the following months, we (a bunch of us colleagues within CK’s close circle of friends) found out that he has been frequenting a nearby gym for almost everyday after work. You could say that this was his excuse to escape from the horrors at work. I wouldn’t blame him either. I would seek solace and refuge if I were in his shoes too. We never knew his actual reason but for whatever reason it is, it is probably be the best decision in his life. And it shows!

Throughout the past year or so, he has taken part in numerous runs: Malakoff Run, World Kidney Day Run, Brooks Half Marathon (which I also took part after much encouragement from him and was my first ever run), Nike We Run KL 10k Run and many more. Recently, he flew to Gold Coast for his first ever full marathon.

CK's 16th run event since he started and his first ever full marathon.

CK’s 16th run event since he started and his first ever full marathon.

I finally made it! My first full marathon. I will never forget how awesome, cold and mentally suffering the journey was. And how friendly the Australians and overseas supporters were while cheering for us along the way. Those kids even have me high-fives too!

After 26km, tears started to fall because of the cold wind and my legs started to hurt. I wanted to continue running but my legs said no and I started to walk and jog whenever I could.

After about 36km, I met a lady from China (Cheng Jing-she and running her 110th full marathon!) and she held my hand asking me not to give up. She paced with me for the rest of the run, about 6km. Because of her, I found back my determination and confidence to continue running til the end.

– CK on his first ever full marathon

ReebokWe have since left the company we were with for greener pastures. And while CK may be a whole lot happier in his new workplace (plus his recent sponsorship deal with Reebok as brand ambassador), I can safely say that it won’t stop him from running. This guy will be going at it for a long, long time. Also, in case you didn’t know, he will be joining the Standard Charted KL Run this coming September (me too!).

As what I would always say to him, “Don’t stop, can’t stop.” Keep on running, my friend.

“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.”

– Andy Warhol

This of course isn’t the full story of his journey. His ups and downs, his blood, sweat and tears; that can only be told by the man himself. However, he insisted on me putting up a gallery with photos of some of his fondest memories.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos obtained from CK’s Facebook page. Used with permission. Follow Loh Chee Khoon on Facebook and Instagram.


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