I Heal Because I Care And It’s My Fault


“Everybody wants to play DPS, nobody wants to heal.” is probably one of the few reasons I choose to play a healer in MMOs. That and because my group of friends are terrible healers and I know it.

MMOs are typically social games in a sense. Apart from all the grinding and questing, endgame content is revolves largely around group play: the tank, the DPS and the healer (the holy trinity in MMOs). It’s a bloody great system when the party work in unison. When they don’t however… Yeah.

Newbies (not using the derogatory term noob here because I’m nice) within the party usually contribute to this – DPS pulling off the tank, tanks failing to keep aggro, healers being unprotected. This is basically the difference between one shots and a night of wiping on a simple entrance level boss. Wipes usually end up with the healer getting the blame most of the time. Why? Because they (newbies) can.

DPS over-commits and starts to pull aggro away from the tank resulting in the healer having to focus heal on two people. DPS dies and blames the healer for not getting heals.

If you got me picking between you and a tank, you gotta know that the tank wins hands down. I’d rather lose a DPS than lose my meat shield which will end up wiping the party anyway. Plus, with you pulling aggro away from the tank would probably mean you’re hitting the wrong intended target anyway. But to you, it’s still my fault. Sorry.

New group of adds spawn and targets the healer due to global threat. DPS ignores because healers can heal off the damage and tanks can pull aggro off the healer. Tank or healer dies and healer gets blamed for party wipe.

First rule of any dungeon run is to protect the healer. If I’m healing myself, I can’t heal the tank. Get your priorities straight! If you see the healer under attack, save them. It’s better to pull a mob off a healer and die than letting the healer die. A dead healer means, dead heals and that means nobody is keeping the tank alive. Healers can resurrect you, or be that little bit to prevent a wipe with whose left. But then again, it’s my fault for not being to outheal the incoming damage and still keep the tank alive right? Sorry.

Listen, we healers are humans too. We make mistakes, even if those mistakes are your mistakes. But because we’re such nice and sociable people, we still keep the party alive only because we care. And in the event that your future dungeon runs do end badly because of some newbie deciding to over-commit themselves, we apologize on their behalf. After all, it’s also our fault if the tank’s a newb, right?


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