How To Love Your Healer


I recently ranted about how healers usually get the all the hate when someone screws the party over. Here’s how to not get them to hate your guts for it. Plus, it’ll also make you a better party member.

Know your shit.

Do not badger the party with tips they do not want nor need (unless they ask). It’s polite to offer to explain boss strategies if there is a player running the dungeon for the first time. If not, shut up.

Everyone should know what role they plan on being/doing inside. Do not change your mind mid-fight. It’s one thing to heal members who accidentally over-commit and pull aggro. Then there those who summons tank-type pets/companions in dungeons. This WILL anger people. Especially the tank (and healer) when your pet takes aggro, dies and monster turns their attention to you.

Defer to the tank.

The tank is your meat shield that stands between you and the jaws of death. Pulls and the general speed of a dungeon run depends on the tank. Do not try to speed the tank faster than they can handle. This puts a lot of stress on the tank as well as the healer due to the increased burst damage. It’s already bad enough that you are not hitting the marked mobs in order.

Let the tank get aggro by giving him at least a 3-5 seconds head start on a mob. There are threat meters and indicators shown on the GUI. If you see your aggro meter building too fast or the mob turning to target you, COOL OFF or risk pulling off the tank. Party heals are expensive in terms of MP cost. The tank can and will get aggro back on themselves but this causes more work the tank doesn’t need. And if you keep DPSing despite the aggro clearly on your ass, don’t complain when you kiss the floor moments after. You NEVER get priority heals. The tank does. Remember that.

Protect the healer.

You may think it’s easy but our jobs as healers are not. We are what that keeps the tank from dying to large damage bursts and you DPSers from dying for over-committing. It’s especially stressful when DPSers think themselves too smart for their own good.

Make life easier for us by avoiding taking UNNECESSARY damage. DON’T PULL AGGRO. DON’T STAND IN BAD SHIT. DON’T PLAY HERO. Most important of all is that YOU DON’T STAND THERE when we get hit. It’s better to pull the mob off the healer and die than letting the healer die. We have battle-resurrection. You do not.

Use your eyes.

Keep a decent distance between your threat and the tank. Use the on-screen aggro notifiers to keep track. Switch targets or cool off if threat gets too high. You may be the biggest and most badass damage dealers in the game but what’s that worth if you’re sleeping on the floor?

Some mobs tend to wander around the dungeon floor. Keep your eyes peeled as to not stumble into their aggro radius while positioning yourself. This also applies when you’re trying to shake that one mob who’s after your ass. Accidental death from unintentional pulls can be a hilarious and humiliating thing. Restrain from it. It will save you a whole lot of face.

Anything else to add? Leave them in the comments below.


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