Virtual (Gaming) Team Research Survey

Go, Teamwork!

Early this month, a friend asked for help in filling up a survey form for her brother. “University assignment,” she said. The purpose of the survey was to gather information regarding the effectiveness of a virtual team that I belong to. Virtual team? Like a “party” or “guild” or “clan” right? My gamer-sense immediately went into overdrive.

Part 1: Team Objective

The members of my team work as hard as they can to achieve the team’s objectives.
[Final Fantasy XIV] My tank tanks, my DPS’s does their dips and I’m healing effectively and we managed to make it to endgame. So I guess that we are an effective team. (Points to anyone getting that Oblivion reference.)

Most members of my team carry their fair share of the overall workload.
[Diablo III] My 3-man party is somewhat doing fine in T4 rifts with everyone pulling their own weight. Unless well, we get a deadweight who wants to do higher Torment levels but without the necessary gear thus forcing my 3-man group to carry him through the entire rift.

Most members of my team make an effort to attain high team performance levels.
[Final Fantasy XIV] Our tank (Warrior) tanks with a class regarded as the “worst tanking class ever” which carried the party into endgame. One of our DPS (Dragoon) has a tank (Paladin) and managed to get himself to endgame. The other DPS (Bard) has a healer (Scholar) which at times is somewhat unreliable but considering it’s his first time healing, he’s doing pretty good.

Even when experiencing setbacks, team members try to the best of their ability to realize team goals.
[Final Fantasy XIV] Our goal is to get to endgame. If we fail a dungeon, we hang back and take a look at our gear progression. We normally come to a conclusion that if someone is lacking somewhere, we won’t attempt a particular dungeon until he/she gets a gear upgrade which the party will assist in.

Most team members go out of their way to accomplish team objectives, even when others are taking it easy.
[Diablo III] “We can 2-man this” is a reply I get when our 3rd man (of our regular 3-man party) goes AFK in town while rifting.

Part 2: Trust

I am able to count on my team members for help if I have difficulties with my job.
[Final Fantasy XIV] My White Mage hasn’t gotten her primal weapon yet as it REFUSES to drop which leaves her stuck with a Darklight weapon from The Wanderer’s Palace. My party wouldn’t mind inviting me to a Garuda party even when all of them are already wielding theirs.

I am confident that my team members will take my interests into account when making work related decisions.
[Final Fantasy XIV] By work meaning dungeon raiding then yes, I am confident. My 2 DPS’s know very well that I hate giving out unnecessary heals during fights. Especially if they’re NOT the tank. NOBODY gets priority heals except the tank and my party very well knows it. I am proud.

I am confident that my team members will keep me informed about issues that concern my work.
[Final Fantasy XIV] By work meaning dungeon raiding then yes, I am confident. I’m the party healer whose main job is to keep the party alive. If we wipe, the party (normally the tank) will let me (and the others) know how we went from FUYOH to FUBAR.

I can rely on my team members to keep their word.
[Final Fantasy XIV] There are no ninjas in the guild as far as I can tell.

I trust my team members.
[Final Fantasy XIV] In the case of our DPS (Bard) turned newbie healer (Scholar) for healing, no. But in the case of our DPS (Dragoon) turned newbie tank (Paladin) for tanking, yes.

Members of my work group show a great deal of integrity.
[Final Fantasy XIV] You mean raid group right? For starters, if we’re in a PUG (pick-up group) with people less geared than us, we would normally let them win equipment rolls.

I can rely on those with whom I work in this group.
[Final Fantasy XIV] Well, we made it all the way to Garuda Hard Mode before our accounts expired.

Overall, the people in my group are very trustworthy.
No shit, Sherlock.

We are usually considerate of one another’s feelings in this work group.
We’re friends. We don’t give a shit.

The people in my group are friendly.
You’re only asking this now?

There is no “team spirit” in my group.
Only pure, kickass hype.

There is a noticeable lack of confidence among those with whom I work.
[Final Fantasy XIV] Only when the Scholar heals.

We have confidence in one another in this group.
[Final Fantasy XIV] When we run our core team: Warrior (Tank), Dragoon (DPS), Bard (DPS), White Mage (Healer)

Part 3: Team Effectiveness

How effective are your team in making use of the skills of different team members?
[Diablo III] Barbarian’s Leap (Lut Socks) + Earthquake (Might of the Earth 4-piece bonus), Monk’s Cyclone Strike + Inner Sactuary (Forbidden Palace), Crusader’s Bombardment (Annihilate) + Laws of Valor (Critical). Pure synergy. Do the math.

How effective are your team in generation ideas for the project?
[Monaco] We normally escape unscathed. So I’m guessing the heist planning was good.

How effective are your team at coordinating?
[Diablo III] Look at the skill and class synergy that’s going on for us above.

How effective are your team in developing its final project?
[Final Fantasy XIV] We managed to make it endgame. I guess that counts for something.



The survey goes on for about another 5 parts. I kinda just gave up after those you see above. For the count, I never actually filled up the survey form.


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