Dragon Age: Maleficarum “Betrayal at Perendale”

Dragon Age: MaleficarumThe following are excerpts from the journal of Archmage Aleksandr Starkhaven, an apostate and suspected blood mage known to have been hunted by the Chantry between 8:76 Blessed and 8:96 Blessed. Historians believed he died some time during 9:27 Dragon, three years before the start of the Fifth Blight.

8:82 Blessed, the bloody expansion of Nevarra. Their king, emboldened by the taking of Perendale and the quick yielding of Hasmal, thought the remainder of the Free Marches as easy claim. He who became the Champion. Cade Arvale of Rivain, did what Orlais had not: He stopped a nation in its tracks.

The Archmage opens with the campaign of conquest which Nevarra began within the Free Marches. A story many would know. However it would seem that this was not the main focus of this entry. He writes of another fellow mage. A Nevarran by the name of Scarvyst Thyque.

I write not of the Nevarran King, nor of Cade Arvale – the Champion. I write of he who I once called a good friend. I write of he who caused the fall of Perendale to the King. I write of he who is called Scarvyst Thyque.

It is learned that Scarvyst (a suspected member of the mage order Mortalisasi) and the Archmage met sometime after his departure from the Circle. The mages of Nevarra have more political power than mages in other countries under the aegis of the Chantry. This could be one of the main reasons as to why Archmage Aleksandr established contact with Scarvyst Thyque. Whatever his reason, the relationship between the Archmage and Scarvyst took a turn for the worst just before the fall of Perendale.

Scarvyst Thyque, the man who I once called friend, is now a man of weak health and uncertain sanity. His actions these past days has been condemned by those whom he calls his advisers. The order which we established together is beginning to fall apart. I fear for the people of Perendale.


Jerrine Marston, an adviser to Scarvyst was today accused of being an Orlesian spy and is sentenced to death. The remaining members of the Marston family has been forced to flee their home of Perendale in fear. The people were paranoid. Chaos was about to break free on the streets.

When the Archmage heard of the injustices against the people of Perendale, he feared what was to come. Perendale is now in disarray, making it an easy target for Nevarra.

When the people rose up, Scarvyst sent Fade spirits across the city to massacre all who stood against him. Perhaps he thought the people were spineless robes who could be intimidated with a little bloodshed. Before I was Archmage, I was the apprentice of First Enchanter Evelaine. I may not have seen eye to eye with the First Enchanter but she of all people, know how to plan a battle. I know how to plan a battle.

The chaos eventually caught eye of the Nevarran King and his army. Seeing the advantage, he lent his aid to the mad man. We fought. And we might have won. But behind me were just townfolk – men and women who wanted nothing with this uprising. With all the unrelenting brutality that followed, the people of Perendale stood for their home. Nevertheless, screaming townsfolk were put to the sword, “tainted” libraries were burned, children were crushed under their heels, and the very walls of what we call home were torn down.

Recollection of the siege of Perendale was not explained in detail. But from what was established, many of the townsfolk took up arms to fight alongside the Archmage against Scarvyst and the Nevarran King.

I heard them say: “We the people of Perendale wait now, behind barricades. I have sent word to our brothers and sisters of this outrage. We will stand, and we will fight. For when they break through, we will not die alone.”

The siege of Perendale was stopped by Cade Arvale, who is named Champion of Tantervale for his deed. Scarvyst Thyque died during the final hours of the siege, slain by Archmage’s own hands.


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